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Students can appeal any objection of their certification to the instructor at the end of their class. The instructor will make all reasonable and time-permitting attempts to assist the student in any area he/she may need further instruction. If that attempt fails, the student may appeal to the management of Life Savers Canada via email or in person with a written/typed letter. The participant may be asked to repeat all or a portion of the course at a later date agreed upon by the student and Life Savers Canada. If available, a different instructor will be used. If the participant is again unsuccessful he/she will have to re-register into another course and re-pay the original fee.

Change of Date/Transfer

Any change of date or transfer must be made three (3) or more business days before the course begins without charge. Any extra charge to change of date/transfer less than three (3) business days is at the Life Savers Canada’s discretion, but the student will be notified if there’s any applicable charge. Please note this is subject to the availability of the course. Any change of date/transfer may be made via phone or email.


All complaints will go directly to management of Life Savers Canada and will be handled as soon as possible during regular business hours. If the complaint is urgent, all instructors have after-hours contact information of the management of Life Savers Canada. Every reasonable attempt will be made to resolve the complaint in a timely and appropriate manner. Complaints can be made via email, phone, or in person.

Course Cancellations

Should Life Savers Canada cancel a course the student will receive a full refund or may reschedule for a later date. Life Savers Canada will notify students via email or phone of any changes.

Credit Card Holds

A credit card may be used to hold a seat for the class. However, if the student fails to show up for class and give notice or a legitimate reason for the absence, they will be subject to a $25.00 admission fee.


All discounts and promotional prices cannot be combined. This includes Pay Now discount where students may pay online before the class begins to receive 5% discount.


Life Savers Canada strongly believes in respect. Any verbal or physical harassment will not be tolerated. Students who harass others, use inappropriate language or make offensive jokes will be asked to leave the class and will not receive a refund or a chance to re-apply. The participant will not be given their certification if they have not completed the course requirements. Appeals may be made to the management of Life Savers Canada only.

Late or No Arrival

If arriving late, it is at the instructor’s discretion whether the student may or may not be allowed to enter the class and the student may forfeit the full course fee. If the student does not show up to the course and has not made arrangements or reschedules before the course begins, the student forfeits all fees. Extreme circumstances may be excused and is at the instructor’s discretion.


All locations will have restrooms and some locations may be subject to parking fees. If there is any change of the location, students will be notified via phone or email before the course begins.

Privacy Policy

Personal data collected by Life Savers Canada, such as student’s name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail, etc., is used to register students in current and future courses. Life Savers Canada students could receive an email or telephone notification when the issued certificate is about to expire. Should students desire not be notified, students must contact Life Savers Canada via telephone or e-mail. Life Savers Canada will not sell or share any personal information. Life Savers Canada transfers student information for certification purposes to the Canadian Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation, or TrainCan (depending on the course students are taking) through a secure database. Therefore, Life Savers Canada is not responsible for any intercepted information sent through any unsecured wireless devices.


The student must provide proof of current certification before the class begins. If the student cannot provide proof of certification, the student may be allowed to join the class if they choose, but will not receive a new certificate until proof of the current one is provided. If the student fails to provide proof of current certificate the student will forfeit the full course fee.


All in-class refund requests must be received within five (5) days before the course begins. All in-class refund are subject to ten (10) dollars administration fee deductions. All Blended Learning courses refund must also be received within five (5) days before scheduled in-class begins, and subject to thirty (30) dollars administration fee deductions. Refund is at the Life Savers Canada’s discretion if the request is outside of the five (5) days time frame OR if a program is partially completed. Please direct refund requests via email along with a copy of the transaction receipt to

Risk to student

The student understands that there will be a physical involvement to their course. If the student cannot perform the CPR component, they may take part in the course; however, they will not be certified by the Canadian Red Cross. Life Savers Canada is not responsible or liable for any injury that may happen during the course.


No smoking is allowed in the building. There is a smoking bylaw that prohibits smoking anywhere on the property. This includes the parking lot. Please step off the property to smoke. Management has asked for a fifteen-foot distance from the property.

 Students Cancelling the Course

Cancellation must be made via phone or email. Course cancellations will receive a refund provided cancellation is made five (5) days before the course begins, and are subject to appropriate administration fees deductions. Any cancellations made within one (1) day before the course begins will forfeit the full course fee.