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Our courses meet requirements for provincial/ territorial worker safety and insurance boards, and include the latest CPR guidelines and training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Advanced Food Safety Certification (Online Course)

SafeCheck® Advanced Includes Exam + COVID-19 Awareness
SafeCheck® Advanced Canadian Food Safety Online + COVID-19 Awareness is an effective food handler certification course in Canada to gain Food Safety (Food Handler) Certification without the restriction of attending an in-class seminar; an ideal strategy for those with a busy schedule.
The interactive program allows learners to gain quality knowledge about food safety, as well thoroughly prepares learners for the food handler certification exam.

This course is equivalent to FoodSafe 1, ServSafe, TrainCan Advance.fst, and all Provincial Food Handlers Certification courses. SafeCheck® Advanced Food Safety is a government recognized Food Handler Certification Course online in every part of Canada. See Provincial Approvals Here: Provincial Approvals 

COST: $ 39.99 + GST

WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Material Information Safety (Online Course)

It is a comprehensive system used in Canada to regulate the handling, storage, and communication of hazardous materials in the workplace. WHMIS is designed to ensure that workers have the necessary information and training to safely handle hazardous materials and to protect their health and safety. Employers are responsible for ensuring that workers who may be exposed to hazardous materials receive appropriate education and training on how to safely handle, store, and dispose of them.

WHMIS is an important regulatory framework that helps to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses related to hazardous materials exposure.

The key components of WHMIS include:

  • Classification: Hazardous materials are classified into categories based on their physical and chemical properties.
  • Labeling: Hazardous materials must be labeled with standardized symbols, called pictograms, along with specific information such as product identifier, hazard statements, and precautionary statements.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Manufacturers and suppliers are required to provide SDS for hazardous materials, containing detailed information about the hazards, safe handling procedures, emergency measures, and more.

    COST: $ 19.99 + GST


First Aid & CPR Training

Learn with confidence with our professional, friendly, and engaging instructors to help participants in their learning process and for better understanding.

Mask-Fit Test

Qualitative testing using taste solution that conform with "CSA Standard Z94.4 "Section, Use and Care of Respirators"

Safety Training

It is mandatory for workplace to have safety training. We offer safety training to help companies meet their requirements at the workplace.

Advanced Food Safety Training

Have your employees trained by proper food safety course to prevent cross-contamination from foodborne diseases.


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